• Developer: SteelRaven7
  • Genre: Action, Indie, Early Access
  • Version: Early Access
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Official information

Release Date May 18, 2017
Developer SteelRaven7
Publisher SteelRaven7
Genre Action, Indie, Early Access
Language English
System PC, MacOS, Linux
Version Early Access


Ravenfield: Probably the Best Retro-styled FPS

What’s That Once More

As if there weren’t enough FPS games, Ravenfield developers offer another first-person shooter, with some key features that can provide it its unique niche. First of all, its requirements are very low due to primitive graphics with low detail level. Second, it supports Steam mods via Workshop. For example, some players can develop new weapons and vehicles and upload them for other players to access.

How to Fight and Win

Like many rival projects, this game offers you a chance to take part in a battle and help your team (Blue) against the other (Red). As you deploy, you need to reach the enemy and start the fight. You will be expected, so there’ll be no simple wipeout: you’ll have to sweat.

There is only single player mode so far, so you don’t have to wait until other players get connected (like you do in Fortnite: Battle Royale) to start a Ravenfield game. Start right away as the game launches, and join your forces to fight. Select your weapon (so far the selection is mediocre, but they will add more guns, pistols, and grenades). You can also fight as infantry soldier or use ground or naval vehicles, or even aircraft. It depends on the map you select.

See where the fight has taken place by the blood spilled on the ground. Its color can be both red and blue, to show who’s been wounded or killed. You can also listen to the sounds to hear where the battle is taking place right now.

Its retro style may distract you for the first minutes, but when you are used to it, you can concentrate on the fighting.

Taking Control

When it comes to controls, it’s as unified as in other FPS for Windows, meant for the keyboard-and-mouse set. Use your WASD to move, a mouse to turn around, mouse button to shoot, and number keys to switch weapons. Like in hundreds of FPS before and after. In fact, it’s a pro: you won’t have to master any new moves or purchase a controller.

Sometimes it gets too unobvious: for example, when your team sails to the enemy island, you’ll need to find some trick to get on board because you cannot simply walk onto a boat. Yet this is an exception; all the rest is quite obvious.

Graphics and Compatibility

Really, it’s enough to have Windows XP, 4 GB RAM, and an integrated video card! It seems fantastic in 2018, but here it is. To tell the truth, it’s the minimum requirements, and recommended OS is Windows 7 or later, but still, Ravenfield download is available for Windows XP! The game is also available for old Mac machines, with about the same hardware and Mac OS X at least 10.8, and for Steam OS + Linux.

To make this miracle possible, developers made the graphical part as simple as can be. Despite building a large 3D map for each mode, designers made the maps much less detailed than we got used to seeing by 2018. Plain floors and walls, schematic characters, still water and grass, polygons and angles instead of smooth lines – console players, turn it off to save your shock.

But behind this primitive view, there is a well-realized ragdoll physics, graphical inventiveness borrowed from Golden Era, and well-done action machine. If you can distract from this XX century view, you can fully enjoy the game.


Not about the looks, but about the heart of the action – that’s Ravenfield. Maybe too raw in graphics, it’s all fine when it comes to physics and mechanics in the 3D world. Due to multiple maps, selectable weapons and other variables it has almost infinite replayability, and its guestbook on Steam is full of positive reviews.


How do I install the game?

It’s available in Steam.

Will there be a mobile version for my iPad?

Not planned by the developer. But there are similar games.

Can you make the graphics any better?

Maybe later, with special mods. But you must realize that this will make the game not so good for old PCs. That’s why it will be available as an option (if ever).

Can I play with my controller?

Yes, it can be configured in Steam settings, but it won’t give you any real advantage (unless you’re not used to keyboard controls at all)

Will there be a multiplayer mode?

Definitely no. The original code was only written with a single player in mind. And we don’t need another Fortnite that just looks worse.

Will they add the ****** feature?

Write your Ravenfield review on Steam and mention this option as the one the game lacks. Maybe they’ll think of it seriously.


Ravenfield is a core action game, a shooter letting you see the essence of the fight. If you like it a bit retro, this one is what you need.


  • Workshop integration not launched yet
  • Single player mode only (and no multiplayer planned)
  • A lot of bugs still found (early access, you see)
  • Retro graphics you might dislike if you’re not into it


  • Ultra-low system requirements
  • Custom elements support (like weapons, transport, maps)
  • Easy controls
  • Different game modes
  • Retro graphics you might like if you’re into it
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