The weekdays of a true gamer is not a piece of cake. Judge for yourself: sometimes we have no time to sleep or to eat. Not to mention the time for shopping and looking for clothes to wear. However, we need something to eat, to drink, and to take on. Recently we’ve found the solution to the latter issue.

If you are the same addicted gamer as we are and spend all days and even nights beating the Red Army in Ravenfield, we can help you with the wardrobe filling. You can get some clothes to wear just while you are having a little break between the Ravenfield matches.

All you need is the Internet connection and some money on your credit card. If you have both mentioned, order the official Ravenfield merch from our site.

  1. The Ravenfield T-shirt for $19,99. Want blue, white or black one? Of course, there will be no red because we hate the Reds! It is available in sizes from XS (for all those who didn’t eat for a long time) to XXXL (for those who started playing Ravenfield just recently and still have the appetite).

  2. The Ravenfield sweatshirt for $35,99. Just the same situation. Choose the item color from blue, white or black. There won’t be any red, don’t even ask us! The sizes from XS (for the experienced gamers) to XXXL (for the Ravenfield novice).

  3. The Ravenfield cap for $14,99. Colors are the same; the size is universal. But if you are a bighead, write to us, and we’ll figure out the issue with the size of the cap or just send you a head reducer or something like that.

Feel free to contact us about the Ravenfield merch order. But please, do not ask stupid questions, they will take the precious time we could spend playing, and we’ll be disappointed (joke). Ok, guys, we’ll answer you ASAP so do not hesitate writing us!  


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