Ravenfield weapon mods install Guide

Ravenfield is a classic 3D shooter game. The game offers players to enjoy the traditional appeal of 16-bit graphics inserted in the first-person battle atmosphere. Ravenfield gives a lot of weapons to use, but there are also files to download that will diversify your gameplay. This guide will help you install the Ravenfield weapon mods just in few seconds. Follow the article to get step-by-step instructions.

How to Install Ravenfield Weapon Mods

The game is available for Windows, macOS and Linux. It also can be found on Steam. Ravenfield is still being tested and now it’s in the fifth round of the beta testing. Though, the game already offers a great amount of armour to fight your enemies with. There are also lots of possibilities to create weapon mods by yourself with numerous online guides and instructions. Dozens of armour made by players can be found on the Web and they’re called “weapon mods”.

So, let’s get to the mods installation tutorials.


Install Ravenfield mods for Windows/Linux

To install the downloaded mod on Windows or Linux:

  1. Find the C:\Games\Ravenfield\ravenfield_Data\mods folder;

  2. If there’s no “mods” folder, create it;

  3. Create several folders for types of mods (“weapons” folder, “maps” folder or etc.);

  4. Unpack the downloaded archive;

  5. Transfer the file into the appropriate folder.

This algorithm also works for a pirated version.

Install Ravenfield mods for macOS

  1. Right click (or push command button) on the Ravenfield application;

  2. Press “Show package contents”;

  3. Open “Contents\Resources\Data\Mods”;

  4. Copy and paste the downloaded mod file into the “Mods” folder.

Get Ravenfield mods on Steam

  1. Open up steam and log in;

  2. Navigate through your steam library and find Ravenfield;

  3. Right click on Ravenfield and click “Properties”;

  4. Find the “Local Files” button and click it;

  5. Click “Browse Local Files”;

  6. Scroll through Ravenfield files to find downloaded ones.

  7. Select the needed one and click “Subscribe”

Next time you enter the game you will see that the mod is already installed.


Now you can enjoy the whole new game with your added mods!

Tips for game installation

If you are a newbie in Ravenfield or just want to download it, it is good to make a habit to prove the compatibility of any game or app with your gadget before installing. Ravenfield for Windows requires Windows 7 or Newer. For Linux, the game requires Latest Ubuntu, SteamOS, for mac you should have Latest OS X.

Now, when you checked the system requirements, you can start the installation. Also, remember that the game is still a tester-version, so you can help the developer to do his best. “Ravenfield is developed by one person and is largely influenced by feedback and ideas from its community.

Early access allows the community to be closely connected to the development of the game, while also providing the developer with feedback and bug reports so the game can be improved.”