Ravenfield helicopter controller guide

One of the most popular questions from players is how to control Ravenfield aircraft such as a helicopter. And this is okay because flying is not always possible to perform properly, and most of the players crash after 30 seconds. We hope that even an experienced player will find something new and useful in this article. There are many Ravenfield players who can't properly fly the helicopters and fail instantly. In this article, we’d like to offer you an easy guide on how to control the helicopter in the Ravenfield game.

How to fly the helicopter in Ravenfield

The method allows not only to reach a certain point quickly but also to contribute to the victory if properly managed. Of course, you can get to the wanted location very quickly using a jeep or a tank if you also have protected armour. But with the onboard shooter, there are much more chances to survive.

Before taking off, you have to know the key buttons in helicopter controlling.

They are:

  • W - go up

  • S - go down

  • A - turn left

  • D - turn right

Other controls include moving the mouse back and forward to fly forward or to slow down/fly back. Roll the mouse left or right to turn sharply to the left or to the right.
Press F1 to take driver's seat; F2, F3, F4, F5 ... - take a certain passenger seat.
The 1,2,3 buttons are to select weapons (for both pilot and passenger). Use LMC (left mouse click) to shoot and RMC to look around (only for the pilot).
Press R to reload the gun and X to activate the smokescreen for resisting the bombs.

Single helicopter control

In order to get into the aircraft, you have to get close to it and press F1.
Since the operation from the first person is not always easy, although more realistic, press the C button. This will distance the camera and make controlling of the helicopter more convenient.
Multiple characters controlling system
To get started, place the mouse cursor on your team and press G button, so they will follow you. Take the free helicopter, sit in the aircraft by pressing the appropriate F button. Now with the F1-F4 buttons, you can choose seats in the helicopter:
F1- driver's seat;
F2 - board stewards;
F3-F4 - passenger seats.
Aircraft will automatically take off when someone gets in the pilot's seat. Depending on the aircraft, the location of additional seats may be different.

Flying guide

Aircraft control is different from ground vehicle control. Aviation control is performed mostly by using mouse movement. If you move the mouse upwards over the surface the nose of the vehicle will lift up and the helicopter (or plane) rises, if you move the mouse upwards, the nose of the aircraft goes down and you confidently move downwards. Mouse movements to the right / left change the angle of inclination.

Don’t forget about the anti-aircraft systems with homing missiles (HYDRA, SCALPEL) that will destroy your helicopter if you won’t be defended.
To prevent the upcoming death, shoot heat traps while flying. Press the X button, to activate them. The traps will knock down some of the launched weapons. Start shooting when you’re about to get close to the danger zone. It is better to start earlier than to activate them later because no one knows exactly when the weapons are brought into action. Also, the traps are endless but they have a recharge time.

These were basic skills and tips on how to fly the Ravenfield helicopter. But our main tip for you is to fly as much as possible to practice more. Empty maps are the best place to work on your skills. Anyway, good luck on your battle, pilot!