How to get and command a squad in Ravenfield: easy tutorial

Even if the Ravenfield was created as a single-shooter, there’s also an opportunity to get a squad for your attacks. You can give them orders and just hang out. To get the squad in Ravenfield, follow this article.

How to recruit the squad in Ravenfield

Every military commander needs an army to command, but where to get them? It actually can be done very easily.

  • Go to Options > Input;

  • Find the "Squad Orders" section, here you can change the key button (the default is G);

  • Press the key button while pointing at an ally to make him join your squad;

  • Look down and press the key to make the squad follow you;

  • To make your squad go to a particular position, just look at it and press the key again.

You can also do this to a group of allies to expand your squad. Furthermore, if you hold down the "G" button, you'll see the available commands to give your squad. They can perform tasks such as guarding your base or destroying a nearby enemy base. When you sit in the vehicle, the squad will follow you too.

Don’t forget to get a special item called the "Squad Leader Kit" which provides you with more squad coordinating opportunities.

Squad Leader Kit

The Squad Leader Kit was first released in Early Access 1 Build 4. As its name says, the kit is used for controlling your squad. Basically, the player could only control up to 6 bots, as well as the squad commanding mechanics, when the kit was first released. Now the player can command an unlimited number of bots.

The Squad Leader Kit's biggest benefit is that it permits the gamer to assign commands without a line of sight between them and their troops, or the destination. The squad leader can make his allies move to any point on the map without having to lead them personally. When installed in the player's game arsenal, the Squad Leader Kit can be enabled by both the numeric key to which it is bound (3-5) or the "Open Squad Leader Kit" key (Default: B).

There are two ways to assign commands with the Squad Leader Kit:

  1. Point the binoculars at the target and right-click to mark it.

The minimap will extend with your target marked and a small menu appears next to it. From this menu, you can select commands.

  1. Hold down the "Open Squad Leader Kit" hotkey to immediately bring up the minimap.

The method is similar to the previous one, but we think, it’s more convenient and more efficient as you do not need to have the Squad Leader Kit in your hands to give commands and complete other actions at the same time.

All you need to do is to right-click on the target point to bring up the menu and select the command.

So, you’re ready to recruit your first army. Now take your team and win, commander!