How to create custom maps in Ravenfield

Ravenfield is not only a cool game but also provides players with an opportunity to take part in the game-customing process. You can build maps or create different mods for the Ravenfield and share them with other players. This article is particularly for those, who are interested in creating maps for Ravenfield. Our guide will take you through everything from downloading and setting up the Ravenfield Mod Tools to publishing your map on the Steam Workshop!

Ravenfield tools for map creating

The first step to create a map for Ravenfield is to download the required software. To make your own map, you’ll need:

  • Ravenfield Tools;
  • Unity 5.6.3p1;
  • Blender.

Remember that Ravenfield Tools updates together with the game. It means functionality can temporarily break sometimes.
The developer says that: “The Ravenfield Tools are a collection of art assets, scripts, and prefabs that allow you to create your own Ravenfield maps”. The tools function as a Unity Project inside the Unity Editor, providing you with all Unity Editor's editing capabilities. The Ravenfield tools are created to be easy to work with, even if you have never used the Unity Editor before. So, you might have no difficulties to create and customize your own map.

Ravenfield tools set up

Once you’ve downloaded all the needed software, get to set up. To launch the tools, follow this checklist:

  • Install Unity 5.6.3p1;
  • Optionally download and install Blender;
  • Download the latest Ravenfield Tools pack(Ravenfield Map Editor);
  • Use WinRAR to unzip the Ravenfield Tools;
  • Launch Unity and click the Open button;
  • Find the unzipped Ravenfield Tools folder and select it (this will open the Ravenfield Tools as a Unity Project).

After Unity project has been launched, find the Ravenfield executable file this way "Ravenfield Tools\Set Game Executable". In the appeared window select your Ravenfield executable file (it can be .exe, .app, .x86 or .x86_64 file depending on your operating system.) Now, when your checklist is completed, the Ravenfield Tools are ready to make your ideas come true!

Ravenfield map creation process

Let's proceed to create a new map.
The easiest way to do it is to begin from the Example Scene. This scene can be found inside the Unity Editor and is located in Scenes/ExampleScene.unity. Double click the ExampleScene file to open it in the editor. Use a copy of this scene to create your own one. So click "File\Save Scene as..." and put your new map scene in the Scenes folder.
Start customizing the game by removing all objects from the scene. Do not delete the Terrain, Pile Texturer, and Time Of Day object. The Pile Texturer is a tool that lets you customize a terrain based on what the heightmap looks like automatically. To remove all stuff you don’t need, just select all other objects in the Hierarchy view, and then press the delete button.
Add all the needed objects to the map until its look will satisfy you. The basic algorithm of map making is:

  1. Terrain creating;

  2. Adding prefabs;

  3. Scan Pathfinding;

  4. Adding vehicle spawners.

All required prefabs can be found under the Must Have prefab folder. 

Share your map with others

If you have a map you’d like to show the Ravenfield world, then head straight to the Steam Workshop. It will take just several minutes!
But before publishing, here's what you should do:

  • Make sure you have launched Scan Pathfinding recently (to update navmesh cache);
  • Check if Steam is running in the background and log in to your account;
  • If the Ravenfield runs in the background, close it;
  • Make a 512x512 resolution .png image with a cool icon, it hasn’t to be bigger than 2MB.

Once you’ve completed the checklist, you’re ready!
Open the Steam Workshop publishing window by clicking Ravenfield Tools->Publish to Steam Workshop. Then click the Connect button to link the uploader to Steam. After you are connected, click “Create New Item” and give it a few seconds to create the item. Now fill in a nice title and description for your map. Find the "All Exported Content" to add the map to the workshop item. Click on your level .rfl file, this will move it to "Content To Publish". Check if “Make Public” is marked so others can see and download your map.
When everything is ready, click “Publish” to upload and share your new workshop item. That’s all!
Congratulations! Now you can create and share your maps with anyone and everywhere!