Ravenfield Review 2019

A Quick Guide for a Better Game Play Experience in the Ravenfield

In our time today, the development and improvement of technology have been rapidly taking into our
lives. A life today without the use of modern technologies is considered as a boring and not lively one.
The people in our generation today have been into these modern technologies that they cannot live
without it. One of the fruits of modern technology is the development of games which gives
entertainment and hobby to the people especially the youth. Different games have been created by
game geniuses to satisfy the people’s demand to entertain themselves fully. Games for children,
teenagers, and even adults are created and made for the public. We have online games, free and basic
games, educational games, and so many more. These games became a major trend, and as time goes by,
more games are being developed. The people are continuously searching for more games that can
satisfy their gaming needs. One of the games that have been a major trend for the people is the
Ravenfield. Wait, do you have any idea about this game? Well, let’s find out!

What to know about the Ravenfield game?

In the 18th of May 2017, a Swedish programmer named Johan Hassel created the Ravenfield Game. It
goes by the pseudonym ... It is a game referred to as a first-person shooter. It was first accessed by
Windows, Linus, and macOS.

The guidelines in playing Ravenfield

In playing this kind of game, a player can choose between the five gaming modes given by the game
itself. The five gaming modes are:

1. Skirmish

  •  This game mode was added to EA-14. The game starts usually, but the difference in this game mode is that, when you die, you can take over another player’s life and weapons. After a new wave and reinforcement, you can take your original weapons again. This game mode has conditions, and these are: in the duration of the game, a slider will have to move his own after two minutes, and it moves based on the number of flags that were gathered in the whole duration of the game. If the slider gets the whole way across, it is a win con. Another one is when reinforcement waves enemies are all dead.

2. Special Operations

  •  In this type of game mode, a group of enemy bots must be eliminated by the player. On the team Raven, there is about patrolling seven bots positioned in an area, and they do not follow or attack any player. On the Eagle team, three bots are given to the player to help in the objective, which is to attack and to win the battle. The bots are equipped with silenced weapons not to be spotted. In case your team was spotted, a dead raven will also be spotted, a raven was hit but did not die instantly. Non silenced weapons such as daggers, explosives, and grenades are used, to start the battle. In other games, re-spawning is possible, but here, it is not possible. If a team runs out of troops, they lose. A raven team likes to run away since they don’t want to fight back and just flee the game. They do not use any vehicle unless they face the turrets, HMG, and others. So, if you aim to win, you must block all the possible routes that can be taken by the raven team. They just run as long as they can so a player must always block and follow them. It is annoying to have players like this.

3. Point Match

  •  In this kind of game mode, the teams must capture the capture points and gain so many points to win. But gaining higher points does not guarantee to win the game. Both teams must still collect all the flags and eliminate the opposing side to avoid spawning and to finish the game.
  • Getting a flag is equivalent to one point, killing an enemy is also one point, but a headshot kill is for two points, lastly, killing an ally will give the enemy one point. The number of flags is also multiplied to points, that’s why collecting more flags is a must.

4. Batallion

  •  This has a similarity to the point match game mode. In here, both teams are given a pool of troops to start the game. In every spawn, the pool might lose a unit that’s why it is important to collect flags equivalent to the unit to avoid respawning.

5. Haunted

  •  In this game mode, the players must take the skeletons with Sambre as their armor off. The player is only given three bots to use as an ally and put in the Anomalies ( which can be seen in the flag points) the purple spheres. The player and the bots must be in the spheres to avoid damages when the game is taking new waves. The skeletons must be exterminated, and when a large group of skeletons was done so, a shockwave will destroy all of them. In every round, the player and the bots are given new weapons, and there are also skeletal altars that provide a bounty of weapons. Respawning is not possible in this game, so when the player dies, the game will be lost. The player must also kill the UFO before it disrupts the gameplay. Railguns are not required, so a restart is needed. Once the player had beaten the Haunted, the reward will be either bundle or buss.

There are also some other optional game modes that can e enabled and disabled. These are:

  1. Configure Flags
  2. Length of the game
  3. Night mode
  4. Reverse mode
  5. Absence of vehicles
  6. Assault mode

Above all of this, there are still bad comments and critics in this game. They said that the developers
became lazy and only adds little updates when they can create bigger and better updates. They said that
they are disappointed and felt sad about that. The youth also became addicted to this game which
resulted in various effects like behavior changes, bad eating and sleeping habit, and distraction. What
can you say about that?