Hey guys!

We’ve been playing Ravenfield for a while and decided to make a little break just to report you how fantastic this game is.

"It started out as an experiment with ragdolls and AI and will remain a slightly experimental, for-fun game project”, that’s what Ravenfield creator, SteelRaven7 told us.

Do you like Battlefield style of games? Then you came to the right address: Ravenfield is exactly what you need. This single-player shooter will capture you for hours and hours of playing, and then again. Fight with the smartest AI of nowadays, and don’t say we haven’t warned how difficult it is going to be!

Use helicopters, boats, jeeps, and all kinds of weapons you just can imagine. Beat your enemy, the Red Army, by all means. Capture more points to reach the victory and call yourself the Ravenfield champion. Get pleasure from shooting, jumping, running, and occupying new positions. No time to get bored in Ravenfield at all!

So we made a quick excursus for you, and now we need to return to playing. Sorry, we cannot miss a single minute, Ravenfield is calling us!